Hi! I'm Grant πŸ‘‹

I'm a Scottish web developer, currently based in Madrid.

I like to make, fun, usable websites.

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Home address
Barrio La Latina, Madrid, Spain
Work Address
I work in a lovely coworking space called Quinta del Sordo



    - current

    Freelance Web Developer

    As a freelance web developer I have worked with a number of clients on a variety of different projects. Mainly WordPress and React based websites. I have not died of starvation so I consider myself to be a successful freelancer!

    - current

    Web Developer

    At Kinsta I am tasked with developing and maintaining the WordPress website. So far there has been lots of work towards modernizing templates and giving non developers more control of the website content, including gradually implementing Gutenberg blocks across the site.

    Code Club DCA Dundee

    Volunteer Tutor

    Helped young kids learn scratch and other basic programming skills as part of code club at the Dundee Arts Cinema

    Hit Reach

    Junior / Senior Web Developer

    Initially hired as a junior developer and promoted to senior developer I was in charge of regularly building various WordPress, static and custom sites as well as managing a small developer team and relations with clients.

    The Social Learning Space

    Web Developer

    I created many applications to assist college students transitioning to university.

    Also occasionally helped to teach some technical university modules

    University of Abertay, Dundee

    Web Developer

    Developed β€œFIT” which allowed clients to input various financial data and receive advice on improving profitability.


Abertay University, Dundee

Web Design & Development BSc (Hons)

Graduated with first class honours



Other Bits & Pieces

Some stuff I enjoy

  • Travel

    I did the digital nomad thing for a couple of years, and hope to go back to being somewhat nomadic in the future

    I built and lived in a van while I did a road trip from Canada to Mexico and back again

  • Cooking

    I enjoy cooking (and eating) new things.

    I even made my own recipe website

  • Making & DIY

    I founded Dundee MakerSpace and I'm now a member of Makespace Madrid, and I've visited a few others on my travels.

    In particular I enjoy making small electronics, home automation, laser cutting and random low quality artwork

  • Indieweb

    I am a supporter of the Indieweb movement and make a bunch of tools in that space.

  • Movies & TV

    A lot of the usual suspects!

    You can see exactly what I have been watching here