#100days 81 - Added a GitHub workflow that should automatically add and commit new monthly summaries on the 1st of every month. Guess I have a week of waiting to see if it will actually work πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

#100days 80 - Another couple of small updates to my monthly summary pages today: I added better SEO titles and pagination buttons to go between months.

There may be an issue with the maps not loading unless the page is reloaded, but hopefully I should be able to work around that somehow

#100days 79 - More monthly summary improvements. This time tidying up some of the map code as well as adding better titles and some nicer styles to the post type statistics

#100days 78 - Yesterday I worked on improving my new monthly summary pages, mostly regarding the maps, I ended up moving to leaflet as it is easier to zoom to the geojson that I load into the map, and updated all my data files to use a more streamlined geojson format

#100days 77 - got a first (broken) version of my monthly summaries online yesterday. So on pages like /2018/03 there is a list of the content I created and a map - although the map currently doesn't actually show anything...

#100days 76 - Continued working on my monthly summaries for my site, and got a script working to generate the data and save it as a json file.

Next step is to use those files to generate summary pages, then work on automatically generating them every month so I don't need to touch them again.

#100days 75 - Also started working on generating monthly summaries for my site, which may end up being quite in depth and useful.

At the moment I am looking at summarizing all the content added to the site in a given month, as well as tracking my location and weight.

#100days 74 - Just a quick one to fix the links in my pagination. They should all be working now 🀞

#100days 73 - Along with adding more feeds to my site I figured I should add a /feeds page too to help make it easier to find them all.

#100days 72 - Added a lot more feeds to my site. Now there are feeds available for each post type and each category, all available in multiple types of formats.